3Si Enterprise Policy & Procedure Orchestration


Policies and Procedures detail the fundamental steps to devise a program of strategic importance to an organisation.

Most organisations mistakenly focus on technology controls to align with regulations, frameworks and compliance requirements rather than starting with the Policy and Procedure foundations which underpin the business.

With over a decade of experience in establishing policy and procedures for various industries across the globe, we define the maturity of an organisation completely based on the quality and relevance of their organisational Policies and Procedures.

As qualified auditors, we could easily assess the success of an organisation when they demonstrated clear alignment of business objectives with effective business operations.

Over 40% of compliance effort is spent defining structured and streamlined policy and procedure elements that provide clear traceability from business objectives to metrics measurement throughout the business, while addressing a granular set of attributes that define an operational delivery model.

Key Solution Benefits

Rationalised Registration
Easy and simple to establish a complete set of Policies and Procedures online
Business intelligent policy creation wizard delivers customised elements to suite your business operations
Ability to further customises any element of the policy and procedures
Compliance Alignment to PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 etc
Process and Guidelines Templates are included
Integrated workflow to enable Creation, Review and Approval at various levels
Version Control to assist with Audit and Compliance regulation
Secure highly available infrastructure that delivers 99.99% uptime
Visual dashboard console throughout enables efficient and simple way to establish and maintain the suite
Branding and customisation and easy integration to enterprise portal to provide policy and procedure visibility and awareness through the organisation