3Si Payment Solutions


The 3Si Mobile Pos Solution specializes in creating and developing mobile platform solutions. Our expertise is deployed on any type of project related to mobile phones and digital tablets. The Mobile Solution is an official Apple Store and Android Market supplier.

Our range of services ensures new nomadic internet strategies that can fulfill your objectives. Our product offers the merchants a user-friendly experience for payment acceptance from their Smartphone.

It is possible to personalize the application to offer the acquirer customer the best tool and best mobile payment acceptance possible. 3Si Mobile Solution provides a white label platform enabling ISO’s, Acquirers, and MNO’s to enter the mobile payment vertical.

Our core platform includes:

Credit Card Acceptance applications for all Smartphone
Routing capability of card present for bettering the interchange rates while reducing the risk of fraud
PCI-DSS environment
P2P2E for maximum security
Highest level of encryption (triple DES and/or AES256)
Proprietary HSM enabling injection of Master Session/DUKPT keys
Proprietary technology for fast integration to existing