3Si Payment Solutions

Iframe Technology

Hosted payments using an Iframe is the most advanced method of achieving seemless payment processing, no user experience impact whilst ensuring no handling of payment card data occurs.

Iframe integration is recommended to merchants who don’t want to collect credit card details on their own website. Iframe provides the ease to run order & transaction reports on their your servers.

The benefits of using Iframe technology with 3Si.

Iframe allows the Merchant to store more information about the transaction such as the product details, transaction amount, customer details and the transaction result
Iframe technology allows the payment pages to be fully customisable. The payment pages can be framed to look exactly as your website. The consumers will not be re-directed to any external website or URL. This technology reduces the need for high level PCI requirements and improves the customers shopping experience
Iframe Technology enables a secure HTTP Post from the merchant website to 3Si’s transaction payment engine which can automate requests freely