3Si Merchant Compliance Services

Solution Overview

3Si merchant compliance solution is specifically designed to assist small and mid-sized businesses. The portal is designed as a self-starter and delivers a strong compliance walk through process for the merchants with a minimal capital outlay. The solution offers split views with rich functionality for both Merchant and Acquirer and a managed programme to its merchants. The solution has captured our extensive experience assisting thousands of Level 3 and Level 4 merchant to gain and maintain PCI DSS compliance, it is extremely cost effective and delivers quick results demonstrating a pragmatic approach to gain compliance.

Compliance Tools

Self Service Registration
This one step process through preregistration of merchants makes it a simple and streamlined process for the merchants. The merchants only need to click on a link that would be provided by Secure Logic with an unique user access.
PCI Walkthrough Wizard
The Wizard will break out the simple questions around merchant card processing and assign the appropriate Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) for the merchant. In the event of non clarity the merchant can ring the Secure Logic help desk and talk to a consultant who would walk through the process.
PCI SAQ Mapping
Based on the responses provided in the Wizard, the right SAQ is assigned to the merchant and is pre-populated. The merchant only needs to ratify the responses provided earlier and acknowledge the same for validation.
Security Awareness Training
The training is a general security awareness course though it also focusses on the nuances of PCI DSS. It aims at imparting security knowledge across the different layers within the organisation, it also allows the organisation to track compliance with this training.
Policies and Procedures
A far greater emphasis is given on the accurate and up to date policies and procedures within PCI-DSS requirement 12. Our specially pre-developed templates allow merchants to incorporate their organisation’s policies into the template and seamlessly satisfy the needs of the PCI DSS.
Compliance Certificate
The portal enables a download of the compliance certificate which can be shared by the Merchant with its various stakeholders. This showcases its compliance with PCIDSS. This compliance certificate can be downloaded at anytime and will reflect current compliance status.
Document Vault
Merchants who are utilising another service provider to validate their compliance with PCI DSS, can use the document vault feature to upload their compliant SAQ, scan results and other compliance documents like compliance certificate, attestation of compliance and report on compliance. This feature can be used as a central repository.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The FAQ incorporates a wide ranging questions from what is PCI DSS all the way to things like which IP addresses to scan when performing the external scans. The FAQ addresses a myriad of questions and allows the merchant to embark on the compliance journey.
The acquirer dashboard on the 3Si portal is an excellent snapshot in time and gives the ability to develop key metrics around merchant compliance levels, types of SAQs completed, etc. The dashboard will enable the acquirer and the decision makers with the acquirer to set relevant goals, measure those goals and monitor overall performance.

Acquirer Only Tools

Merchant Management Administration
This menu gives unprecedented management capabilities to the Acquirer to manage and administer its Merchants on the portal. Some of the key aspects are individual Merchant statuses, adding, closing and tracking Merchants by their company name or merchant number. It also allows for managing internal users accounts for administrators, managers or supervisors.
Scheme Reporting
With strict reporting guidelines from the Card Schemes and internal key stakeholders, it is pivotal that the portal allows the Acquirer to access and publish these reports with the click of one button. The portal also enables general merchant level reporting that can be used to track progress one quarter to the other. The 3Si merchant compliance portal allows the Acquirer to publish these reports on demand.