3Si Merchant Compliance Services


In an ever-changing dynamic security landscape the threat posed by loss of data is exponentially increasing around the world. With businesses moving towards cloud, virtualisation and mobile access, the increasing amount of threat vectors results in larger amounts of sensitive data constantly under threat. Acquirers globally are facing challenges to establish and achieve PCI DSS merchant compliance.

The 3Si merchant compliance portal offers a comprehensive solution for acquirers to manage, monitor and report on their merchants. The solution provides an easy-to-use merchant portal for PCI DSS Level 3 and Level 4 merchants.

The solution empowers the Acquirers to roll out a self-regulated and managed programme to its merchants. The solution has captured our extensive experience assisting thousands of merchants to gain and maintain PCI DSS compliance. The programme is extremely cost effective and delivers quick results demonstrating pragmatic approach to gain compliance.

Key Solution Benefits

Rationalised Registration PCI Self Assessment Mapping
Policies and Procedures Template Compliance Certificate
Easy Merchant Administration Internal Key Stakeholder Reporting
PCI Walkthrough Wizard Security Awareness Training
Document Vault FAQ’s
Card Scheme Reporting Visual Dashboard Console