Multifactor Authentication AaaS Authentication as a Service


The first ever Authentication as a Service (AaaS) in true cloud model that offers fully automated provisioning and complete subscription management. 3Si Authenticator requires no customer infrastructure and provides multifactor authentication service across every component of your IT stream. Fully automated cloud provisioning offers "ready to go in a matter of minutes" and is backed by with industry leading SLA’s. Subscription to the service is based on a ‘Pay-per-user’ model and there are no upfront costs or hidden fees.

Key Solution Benefits

IT Stability - IT Management Simplified

Fully featured control panel provides complete visibility while automating user provisioning, management and reporting. Import and export functionality provides easy migration & integration of the user base without user disruption, user training or service interruption. Improved reliability and scalability - Simple usage and integration model with virtually no effort or skills required.
Protect your asset while deploying flexible security policy – With strong perimeter security you can now relax your security policy. No downtime or change management hassles – with no hardware at your end, you don’t have to worry about changes while we offer robust cloud infrastructure with strong SLA backing.

Business Growth - Supporting Your Business Growth

Business Agility – True cloud model with ability to dynamically scale or shrink as your business requirements change. Affordable Solution - Simple, extremely low per-user pricing model with no hidden or additional costs.

Business Sustainability - Sustain Your Business

Strong authentication solutions ensure that only authorized individuals access an organisation’s sensitive assets & information. User identity and transaction security establishes trust with positive user identification and prevents transaction tampering.
Zero monetary investment as there is no associated infrastructure required on the clients side. Significantly reduced operational expenditure as no in-house expertise are required.